Are you using running as a part of your daily workout routine soon? If you are then you should first look for the most suitable running shoes. For women, there are five great running shoes brands that will help achieve that perfect form. Check out which shoe will fit your workout regimen:

PictureRunning ShoeTypeRating
Nike Free 5.0 Women’s Running ShoesSynthetic Rubber Sole Low Profile4.2
New Balance Women Neutral Light Running ShoesSynthetic Rubber Sole REVlite Foam Midsole4.5
Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider Running ShoeSynthetic Rubber Sole Smooth Ride Engineering4.6
Merrell Women’s Pace Glove 2 Trail Running ShoeSynthetic Vibram Sole Adequate Padding4
ASICS Women's GEL-Noosa Tri 9 Running ShoeSynthetic Rubber Sole Seamless Open Mesh Construction4.4

Reviews of the Best Running Shoes for Women

Always check out consumer reviews before you purchase anything online; a smart shopper always has time to read reviews and compare products beforehand. The following offers a review of each brand of the best running shoes for women that you can ever find online.

Nike Free 5.0 Women’s Running Shoes

The Nike Free 5.0 Women’s Running Shoes is definitely a cut above the rest. First of all it fits so perfectly like a pair of socks because of its Textured Mesh Full Inner Sleeve that hugs your foot. You can run as fast and as safe as you can with its Diagonal Cuts design to improve natural motion flexibility and adds strength to every stride. The Free 5.0 has a low profile midsole that lets you walk, run and jump freely; it’s like walking naturally but with comfort in every stride. This women’s running shoe is also available in a wide range of colors like Red Violet, Bright Magenta, Summit White and Iron Ore to name a few. All in all, this running shoe is the perfect companion in all kinds of terrain for beginner and professional runners alike.

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ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9 Running Shoe

The ASICS Gel – Noosa looks good enough to eat but seriously it has the features of a great running shoe that you may want to consider buying. Aside from having a Triathlon-specific design which means the entire shoe is engineered to withstand the grueling strain of triathlon running, it also has efficient features like an easy to put on elastic laces, seamless open mesh design and a flexible and comfortable rubber sole. This running shoe will carry you to the finish line with its Dynamic DuoMax Support System that lets you run safely and comfortably no matter how long and how hard the terrain may be. ASICS is also known for its great value for a reasonable price which is also what this running shoe is. You can take home a Gel-Noosa Tri 9 running shoe for less than $90.00.
And of course, you can never wear the ASICS Gel-Noosa without admiring its colorful and unique designs; it’s like wearing art on your feet!

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Merrell Women’s Pace Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe

The Women’s Pace Glove 2 running shoe cuts the chase when it comes to the best women’s running shoes. First of all it has all the features that a runner is looking for in a running shoe: it has a comfortable Vibram Sole with TrailProtect padding in the forefoot to provide a more comfortable stride. It is also made from a unique material that is DWR-treated to repel water and avoid staining; you may therefore use this shoe while running in the rain or during high moisture weather conditions. Finally you can say goodbye to ugly runner’s shoe odor with its amazing M Select Fresh lining that you can wash over and over again! The Merrell Women’s Pace Glove 2 will fit like a glove with your budget since you can purchase it for less than $70 while the more complicated designs and larger sizes are available for less than $135 online.
And if you are shopping for a colorful shoe then this is the running shoe that you are looking for. It comes in lavender, grenadine/purple, black, black/silver, lemon, turquoise and purple. Truly the Merrell Women’s Pace Glove takes you a step closer to your fitness goals but still let you express yourself in a rainbow of colors to choose from.

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Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider Running Shoe

If you are looking for a running shoe that will enable you to look stylish yet sporty as you run for miles then the Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider running shoe should be your choice. It has a well-designed rubber sole that lets you walk, run and jog as fast and as far as your feet could take you with its SmoothRide Engineering design. The heel and the platform are slightly raised so you could walk and run as if you are floating on air with safety in mind of course! It is well-constructed so you would feel lightweight and easy even when have already walked for long distances. The Wave Rider 17 running shoe also boasts high quality despite its affordable price. You can purchase this women’s running shoe for less than $115 and for larger sizes and more intricate designs for less than $126 online.

Finally, there are 7 radiant colors and color combinations to choose from: the popular white, celosia/purple passion/green flash, the honeydew/Caribbean Sea/Shocking Pink, the purple plumeria/white/shocking pink, the dark slate, lime and pink. Choose one color, choose all!
Getting all you want in a running shoe could be difficult especially when you are unsure of what features to look for and how much you are willing to spend on a regular running shoe. Therefore the Mizuno Wave Rider is the best when it comes to features, design and value; it’s hard to look for a running shoe that has it all and the Women’s Wave Rider has all the great features that you are looking for!

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New Balance Women Neutral Light Running Shoes

Put balance into your life and will certainly be able to conquer any feat and any distance especially when you are wearing a New Balance Women’s Neutral Light Running Shoes. This is the best women’s running shoe simply because of its straightforward smart design. It has a durable and comfortable rubber sole, open-piece FantomFit upper design and an efficient foam midsole; all these will let you walk, run and move comfortably in any kind of terrain. You will also fall in love with its shock-absorbing cushioning design to let you walk naturally as if you are stepping lightly on air. Finally, it weighs less than 6.5 oz. to make you feel lighter in any kind of activity you are doing.

The New Balance Neutral Light running shoe is very affordable for less than $100 for simple designs and smaller sizes online while larger sizes and more complicated designs are on sale for less than $115 online as well. You may also choose from 6 sporty designs and colors like Komen Pink, Blue/Pink, Purple, Yellow/Silver, Silver/Blue and White/Purple.

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