What Do You Carry For Self Defense When You Run?

Self DefenseSelf defense is important for you to possess if you are a runner. It is not necessary that you have to be well trained in hitting back someone, but in that case you need to be well equipped. By well equipped I mean that there are some self defense tools you must carry to protect yourself. Daylight robbery is increasingly becoming dangerous as thieves tend to snatch away your belongings and ornaments openly. Not just robbery, other crimes like kidnapping and murder also happen especially when you are running. Hence it is important for you to defend yourself in such cases. The following tools come handy when you find yourself or anyone else in danger:

Pepper Spray – It is one of the most popular self defense items that people purchase because it is non-lethal. It is very easy and safe to use as you do not have to have direct contact with your assailant. You just have to hit the attacker in the eyes with this and you will magically disappear from his view. It is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness). The effect of the pepper spray cannot be removed with water because of its capsaicin ingredient. So don’t think that the attacker can simply wash it off and run behind you again! This spray can also be used on pestering animals like bears and dogs.

Ninja Spike Keychain (aka“kubotan”) – This weapon for self defense usually comes with an attachment for your key chain. The ninja spike fits perfectly in between your fingers as you make a fist. Run along merrily with the fist. It might seem strange to the onlookers and even the attacker might notice it. Unless he decides to drop his plan, give a surprise to your attacker by punching in the eye with this. The Ninja Spike key chain is perfect for leaving a permanent tattoo on your attacker.

Open Assist Knife – This is not an ordinary pocket knife. It is an open and close knife which can be opened easily with your thumb. All you need to do while you are being attacked is to take this knife out of your jacket or trouser pocket and stab the attacker. Make sure you are able to free your hand for that. Many knives have five to six blades for that purpose with varying sharpness. The attacker is surely not to disturb you if he gets a glimpse of this knife in your pocket.

Honeycomb Hairbrush – This female self defense tool is a hairbrush with a 3 1/2” dagger. This brush is made from Zytel, stiff nylon fibreglass composite. Female morning runners can use this hairbrush to tie their hair and run. If you have been attacked, just pull this brush off your hair to reveal a dagger. Stab the attacker with this dagger. You need to have enough strength to stab the attacker with good force.

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