Running With Water Bottles

Running with Water BottleKeeping yourself hydrated is important when you are running. Running needs a lot of effort and energy. Therefore, carrying fluids such as lime water, juice or just water during your run is a good idea to keep you energized. But it is not as easy as it sounds. How to carry it is a major issue because it becomes uneasy and uncomfortable for the runner to run with a water bottle in hand. But still, you need to do it to save yourself from dehydration.

In the “Need a Refill” story from the July 2012 issue of Runner’s World, Douglas Casa, Ph.D. warns, “If you’re not adequately hydrated, your blood volume drops, which means your heart has to work harder to power your muscles to keep you cool.” So now you know why one must necessarily have a water bottle along while running. Even if its a few miles that you have to cover, make sure you carry a water bottle.

Here are a few ways you can carry water bottles in an easy and comfortable manner. These simple ways give you the best ideas for a short and a long run.

There are 3 basic ways you can carry your water when you run.

1. In your hand (hand held water bottles)
2. Around your waist (waist belt, like a fanny pack with water bottle holders) or
3. On your back (camelback).

It just depends on how long and the distance that you will be out running.

When you have to run for a few miles, you can carry a small bottle in your hand. You may also tuck it in the back pocket of your trouser. Carrying a small bottle allows you to take the required small sips in between. They can also be carried with the help of hand straps. One may use the Nathan Sports QuickShot bottle or Salomon Soft Flask to fulfil this purpose.

Compact waist packs like Amphipod’s RunLite AirStretch 2 (two 10.5 oz. bottles ) carry one or two small bottles at a time. This allows a very hassle-free way to carry just enough water. Most waist packs are equipped with pockets for a car key, gel or other necessities. The waist pack has a number of plus points: The weight of the water is balanced on your waist, your hands are free, and the pockets are often bigger than they are on handhelds. These options are quite beneficial during races as they allow you to refill at aid stations, carrying only what you need in between.

Hand-held bottles like the AmphiPod Hydraform Handheld In-Touch (20 oz ) and Clean Bottle’s The Runner (22 oz ) have a dedicated iPhone/cell phone pocket that enables you to navigate your phone through the “touch-through” plastic. This is ideal for a short to medium length run, where you may need to check your phone.

For longer runs like marathons, carrying your water bottles on your back or around the waist are the best options.

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