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Pros: Excellent battery life and also USB charging.Connecting with friends through the website will increase competition and thus the overall performance by setting up new targets and breaking them.The material is of awesome quality and the bad will withstand rough use.Also suitable for the persons with small hand size as it has a lot of rows of holes.Awesome backlight feature.The look is really awesome and also trendy.Acts as a personal coach.
Cons: Not reliable and sometimes give wrong readings.The GPS data needs to be regularly updated for getting GPS signals.Does not stand sweating.Display style is old-fashioned.

With the development of technology, many new gadgets have been designed and this has helped us in many ways also. There have been improvements in the sports goods also. Many new instruments for training have come up. One such is the Nike+ sports watch which is powered by GPS and also some exciting new features that will blow your mind.

Nike+ Sport Watch

Nike, the giant in sports goods market, has come up with an amazing gadget which can give you something more than just showing time and stopwatch facility. The watch is extremely useful. It is a very useful gadget for training. Apart from time, the watch shows your speed, distance covered, the total amount of calorie burnt and also the heart beat in BPM. That’s really helpful during workouts. The watch is used by the top sportsmen of all sports. As it also sports a trendy look, the watch is always an awesome gadget to have.

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Apart from being waterproof and showing the accurate time, it also has a lot of other features. It includes showing the accurate details of your workout including g the speed, distance, calories burnt, etc. You can also use the GPS to find out the best areas for running. The Tom Tom sensor is also helpful in providing accurate speed and distance in the absence of GPS signal. You can also connect with friends on Nike+ website and set up new challenges and goals for increase in performance. It’ll also act as your personal trainer and show the details of your workout history to show your performance in details. Apart from these, a gadget with cool, sporty look is always awesome to have while training.

Who Should Use It

The watch is loaded with some really exciting features and it can be used by anyone who wants to work hard during workouts and also keep a note of his/ her performance. You can also use it to compete with friends on the web site for setting up new challenges and achieving them.
It can be used by both men and women.
The watch is really awesome and fully loaded with fun features. It is also available for $162.90 on where you save $336.10 on the original price. It is also one of the must have gadgets if you have the habit of running. So just do it.

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