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Pros: • The watch is extremely useful as it takes the place of a trainer and helps you with training plans. • It also has a lot of features, right from the performance details, to the fitness level and also GPS and pairing with mobile phone for better features. • The watch being waterproof is also advantageous against sweat and fit for use in rains. • The OLED display is suitable for use in brighter sunlight also. • Trendy design with stylish look
Cons: • The battery is weak and has charging problems. • Needs frequent reset. • The touch screen is hard to control especially during sweaty summer season and also has sensitivity problems.

Many times you may have seen the top athletes and especially footballers from around the world doing workouts and sporting a watch on their wrists with several other latest features. You must have fancied having such gadgets and training like them. Here is your chance to have the gadget. It will boost your performance.

Garmin Forerunner 620

The Garmin Forerunner is basically a GPS running watch with lightweight design. It is designed for the athletes and if you do regular workouts, it is best suited for you. It has a waterproof touch screen panel and a high resolution color-display which is also suitable for all weather conditions. The watch is extremely useful as it takes the place of a personal trainer and can guide you to keep yourself fit and healthy. The other features include the GPS navigation facility, the accelerometer to check your speed and also distance travelled. You can also share your performance with your friends through social media. Isn’t that amazing?

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The watch has a lot of features. As the name suggests, it is a watch which provides the necessary information like the speed, distance covered and other necessary details regarding your performance. The watch also shows your present location through GPS.
The physical features include the lightweight, trendy and stylish watch with a touchpad on top. The watch is also fit for use in all weathers and is waterproof. It will also show your fitness level and decide the days you should run and those you can take rest, thus replacing a trainer.

Who Should Use It

Though it is designed according to the needs of the top class professional athletes, it can also be used by anyone who wants to have a smooth workout session. The sportsmen who don’t have a personal trainer can also go for it. In fact, it is best suited for them as it has features like training planner and detailed fitness level.
Apart from these, men as well as women can use it. It is an all-in-one gadget for workouts. If you want to make your workout easier, you must have the gadget.
The GPS running watch is available on at $449.99only. You can also get free home delivery and even one-day shipping. So, better try out the gadget for an experience like never before.

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