Morning Run: What should you eat and when?

Healthy Foods for Morning RunFirst let’s discuss why morning run is done. Some people do it for some training purposes; some do it to maintain a healthy body while some may just love running before starting their day. It is important for them to maintain a proper diet. They should be aware of what to eat before and after the morning run.

The trainer’s diet

For those who run as a part of training should consume carbohydrates in good quantity. Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen, which gives energy to the body. Therefore carbohydrates act as energy boosting snacks for them, which can be taken before, after or during the workout. Apricot, honey & pistachio flapjacks, Healthy banana bread, Fruity teacake, Exercise shake and Banana fairy cakes are some good options for carbohydrate intakes. Runners who are undergoing training should most importantly focus on meals that have high glycaemic index score (GI). A food’s GI measure is relative to how quickly it is digested and broken down into glucose.

High GI foods are absorbed faster and less strain is placed on the gut. Thus they should be eaten as snacks, shortly before or after training. It can be eaten during the training as well. On the other hand, low GI foods are best eaten as part of the main meals whilst training (alongside moderate amounts of protein and fat). The energy from low GI foods is released more slowly into the blood stream which helps provide you with long term energy. You must look out for good low GI breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for this.

Food for thought

People who go only for morning run should also maintain a healthy diet plan to keep them energized. It is said that you should eat before you run, especially if you are running for an hour or so. Though it’s very difficult, but if you wake up about two hours before your run then you have plenty of intake options like oats, wholegrain toast topped with eggs, granola, bagels or breakfast muffins and freshly made smoothies. If you are a morning runner who gets straight out of the bed on the road then you should make sure to have a small snack with quick releasing energy.

Dried or fresh fruit, nuts and seeds or a shake would be ideal for you. If you think you don’t even have time to eat that much before your morning run, then try increasing the carbohydrate portion of your evening meal the night before, as this will be stored in the muscles ready for your morning run.

A complete NO to some foods before your morning run

Carbohydrate intake is as necessary as your run. But there are types of food you just completely ignore, like Foods with high fibre, excessively fatty foods, and unusually spicy foods. Drinking too much caffeine alcohol should also be prohibited. These foods might make you feel heavy and uncomfortable for your morning run. They make also cause gastrointestinal distresses such as diarrhoea and bowel upsets.

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