How to prepare Your Kids For Long Distance Runs?

Kid RunningThe very first “step” your child makes will definitely be a memorable one! As time passes, the small ones will learn to walk clumsily and then run. This is when you should encourage them to run long distances and join marathons. Well, the transition will not happen suddenly. Instead, you should see your child’s potential and urge to run! It is quite interesting to note that most successful athletes have encouraging parents, who have identified their kid’s talent at an earlier stature of life.

In this article, you will read on “How to prepare your kids for distance running”. The points discussed in this write up are based on real life experiences.

A Great Workout

Distance running is a great sport that doesn’t require a team or specialized gears. A young, enthusiastic child with good running shoes, comfortable clothes and some passion is sufficient to start with! Since, running is a non-contact sport you don’t need to worry about physical injuries. However, distance running like many other sports will need a predestined amount of physical stamina and endurance. This is because the sport has a unique set of risks, which would be greater amongst young children than in elders. According to recent research, children who engage in long distance running will witness common problems with their skeletal and muscular system. Most of these problems would occur as a result of mechanical stress and strain near certain body parts.

A Well Thought Training Program

When you train your kid for distance running, keep an eye for musculoskeletal problem. This is a patellofemoral syndrome common amongst young runners. The condition results in soreness near the kneecap after several hours of sitting, walking or running. The physical issue is caused due to intense training sessions. According to modern science, overused muscles may result in chronic disability. Thus, coaches and parents must not force children to run more than fifteen miles every week.

A Syndrome Amongst Female Runners

Similarly, a recent survey quoted that two out of nine teenage girls are likely to be affected by chronic disability due to long distance running. This can be attributed to the physique of girls. For example, teenage girls tend to have pronated feet than young boys. Pronated feet alias flat footedness is a scenario when the aches of one’s feet is not pronounced because the entire body weight falls in the inner region and not on the outer sides! The syndrome is extremely common amongst female runners. Hence, parents with young daughters who run long distances should be very careful with the routines and techniques followed.

Train them with Care

Likewise, when you train your kid for long distance runs, you should keep an eye on their ability to cope up with temperature shifts. For instance, some kids don’t have the physique to handle extreme temperatures. Such kids must not be asked to engage in long distance runs.

A simple Note!
As loving parents, you must train your young kids with lots of care and concern. Ask them to enjoy the sport and drink lots of fluids!

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