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9 Foods A Runner’s Diet Should Have (Infographic)

Runners should follow a proper diet to maintain their health and to achieve maximum performance. According to world famous dieticians like Steve Caning and Nick Nelson, runners should be careful with what, how and when they eat. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to

7 Psychological Benefits of Running

The physical benefits of running have been established several decades ago. Most people run to lose weight, build muscles and strengthen their heart. Apart from these physical advantages, running comprises of many psychological benefits. Recent research states that running improves the mental health of runners. In this

Things You Can Learn From Distance Running

Running has taught me many valuable lessons. During cross country races, training was a lot more important than intrinsic talents and I compensated lack of aptitude with discipline and diligence. This is a principle I used in everything I did and loved. Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela’s words

Indoor Running: A Quick Overview

Running is a healthy workout, which can be performed almost anywhere and everywhere. Unlike many other sports, running is usually free or rather inexpensive. Moreover, the exercise has a positive impact on all major body muscles. People who engage in running will see a sturdy change in

How to prepare Your Kids For Long Distance Runs?

The very first “step” your child makes will definitely be a memorable one! As time passes, the small ones will learn to walk clumsily and then run. This is when you should encourage them to run long distances and join marathons. Well, the transition will not happen