9 Foods A Runner’s Diet Should Have (Infographic)

Runners should follow a proper diet to maintain their health and to achieve maximum performance. According to world famous dieticians like Steve Caning and Nick Nelson, runners should be careful with what, how and when they eat.

9 Foods A Runner's Diet Should Have

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1. Whole Breads For Carbs

A Runner’s diet will remain incomplete without Whole Breads and Pasta. Just like many other sports persons, runners should consume lots of carbohydrates. Healthy carbs will fuel your body and keep you active. Whole grains will provide you with natural fibres and act as a healthy source of energy.

2. Eggs For Proteins

Another important food that is meant for runners would be “Eggs”. May it be poached, boiled, fried or scrambled, eggs make a great dish. One egg will suffice about 15% of your body’s protein needs. Amino acids in eggs are required for quick muscle recovery and repair.

3. Beans For Iron

Thirdly, runners should eat lots of dry beans like split pea, pinto, garbanzo and lentils. These are plant sources with lots of iron. Beans that are low in fat and high in proteins will be a splendid accompaniment to rice and stews. Moreover, beans will satisfy your body’s need for carbohydrates and healthy proteins.

4. Salmon For Essential Nutrients

Next in line would be Salmon. This is a great fish with lots of proteins and healthy nutrients like omega-3 fats. The food source triggers brain function and development. It prevents heart diseases and reduces the risks of hypertension. Salmon comprises of a wide range of minerals and vitamins. This is why many dieticians and fitness experts include salmon in “The Runner’s Diet”.

5. Sweet Potatoes For Antioxidants

Moving on, a snack in any runner’s diet will be sweet potatoes. The yummy vegetable acts as a rich source of vitamin C and A. It is a powerful antioxidant that contains many important carbohydrates. If you are a novice runner, you should consume lots of sweet potatoes for iron and potassium.

6. Low Fat Yogurt For Calcium

Another interesting yet forgotten item in many runners’ diets would be “low fat yogurt”. This is a rich source of carbs and proteins. The scrumptious snack is known for its calcium content. Calcium is an important element, which reduces the risks of stress injuries and fractures in runners.

7. Bananas for Stamina

Professional runners regard bananas as a pre-run food. The fruit is filled with essential nutrients like potassium and carbs. When runners sweat, they tend to lose lots of minerals and vitamins. However, bananas would maintain a balance between the amount of nutrients lost and gained. The fruit prevents cramping and regulates muscular contraction. Additionally, the fruit prevents many gastrointestinal problems.

8. Peanut Butter For Recovery

Runners are advised to consume peanut butter occasionally. This is a tasty food item, which helps runners with weight-loss goals. Peanut butter will fill your tummy and not fatten you up. Peanut butter improves the rate at which the body repairs and builds cells. However, you must not consume peanut butter in excess quantities.

9. Carrots For Immunity

Finally, runners should eat lots of carrots for a strong immune system. Carrots are low in calories and rich with essential nutrients.

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