Are you a fitness freak? Do you prefer running miles in the morning? Running has many benefits for the physical well being of a woman and should be a part of their fitness routine but people fail to realize that running in wrong shoe can be hazardous as it may cause injuries like stress fractures and tendinitis. A pair of best running shoes for women will safe you from these injuries and will be gentle for your feet throughout the running process. If your feet pain after each running session in the morning then it is a clear indication that you need to dump the shoes you are using and switch to running shoes.

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How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For Women

Best Running Shoes For Women Infographic

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In order to choose the best running shoes for women, you need to figure out the kind of feet you have, the place where you are going to run and your biomechanics of running. Once you are sorted with these factors, you will be able to pick the best running shoes for yourself.

If your shoes are designed for light runners and you try extensive running with those shoes, you are sure to get muscle fatigue and several serious injuries. So, choosing the right shoe for the right occasion is as important as choosing the right dress for the right occasion. Things you should keep in mind while choosing best running shoes for women are as follows:

•Determine the place of running: If you are planning to run on roads with slight irregularities like nature trails, fire roads or wood-chip paths then flexible and light shoes with cushioning effect will be ideal choice for you. These kinds of shoes aid in stabilizing your feet while you are striding repetitively on even and hard surfaces. If you are planning to stride on off-road trails like mountains or rocky surfaces then you should choose shoes equipped with aggressive outsoles. These kind of shoes will provide you with solid traction, support, stability and underfoot protection.

•Determine the exact foot size: If you are not sure about your foot size then take the exact measurement with Brannock device. Some people may have two different sizes of foot which is absolutely normal but determining the exact size is important for greater stability and comfort.

•Determine the arch shape of your foot: Choosing the best running shoes for women depends on the arch shape of the foot as well. Many of you might not know the arch shape of the foot and determining the shape is not a mammoth task. You can observe the shape of the foot when you come out of the shower or tub and leave the wet impression of your feet on a bathmat. After determining whether you have high, normal or flat-footed arch, you can choose your running shoes custom-made to suit the arch shape.

•Determine the biometrics while you run: Before choosing the perfect pair of running shoes, you need to understand the biomechanics while you run so that you can choose the best running shoes for women which can give you perfect comfort. While running every time when your heel strikes the ground, you undergo pronation, over-pronation or supination. If you pronate, your foot naturally rolls inside. If you over-pronate, you undergo an exaggerated form of inward foot rolling which exposes you to the risk of knee pain and injury but the right running shoes for over-pronation will offer you stability and reduce the risk of injuries. If you supinate, you roll your feet outwards which can be rectified with motion control shoes.

•Durability: Durability of the running shoes varies depending on the materials from which the shoes are manufactured. Running shoes go through more wear and tear than normal shoe. So, you should choose the best running shoes for women that are made from durable materials like synthetic leather, nylon mesh, thermoplastic urethane, etc.

•Comfortable: it is said that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, so it’s better to try the shoe to determine if it fits snugly yet comfortably. If you choose the wrong shoe for your feet or for the activity you are going to undertake then you will have to negotiate with the comfort level. Before selecting your running shoes check whether the material is comfortable so that you don’t end up in getting blisters and sore feet. If your running shoes do not fit comfortably then it is likely to cause you injury while running or will fail to prevent any injury.

•Check the shoe last: Last refers to the shape, mold or form around which the shoe is designed. If you are looking for motion control and stability, you can go for board-lasted shoes with stiff fiberboard. You can also choose for slip-lasted and combination –lasted running shoes. They offer the features of both board-lasted and slip-lasted shoes.

•Check the heel counter: If you are bothered with Achilles tendonitis then, checking the heel counter is of utmost importance for you. You should select running shoes which are supplemented with heel wedges for adding support and cushioning to the heels.

Types Of Running Shoes

You can choose from the following types of running shoes according to your preference:

Running Shoes•Cushioned Shoes
These shoes are designed for runners who are biomechanically ‘neutral’. Cushioned shoes allow less stability than stability or motion control shoes and will be an ideal choice for you if you do not over-pronate while running or if you are blessed with high foot arches. These shoes emphasizes on enhanced shock dispersion in the outsole and midsole. Many cushioned shoes come with cushioning materials in the forefoot and heel areas like hydro flow, air, gel, etc.

•Stability Shoes
If you over-pronate a bit while running and looking for shoes which can provide durability and cushioning to your feet then, stability shoes are the best option for you as these shoes provide moderate support. Pronation refers to the natural inward movement of the foot and many runners tend to pronate more. Stability shoes are designed for those who have normal foot arches.

•Motion Control shoes
If you are looking for heavy-duty stability or control features the, these are the shoes meant for you. It will be the ideal option for you if you have low feet arches and excessive tendency of over-pronation. They are designed with midsoles of dual density, foot bridges or roll bars to emphasize on medial support. This inward support slows down the rate of pronation. They are the most suitable choice for heavy runners who need high durability.

•Lightweight Shoes
Are you planning to participate in any marathon event? Then lightweight shoes will provide stability and cushioning to your feet for running. They are much more responsive than normal shoes and will keep muscle fatigue at bay after the marathon. Some of them are the best running shoes for women for regular training.

•Racing Shoes
Racing shoes are lightweight and offer minimum cushioning and stability. If you are undergoing fast training sessions for any athletic event then these shoes will be ideal for you. The cushioning of these shoes will provide protection to your feet while running. If you are aspiring to be an athlete then, these shoes will be your most invaluable investment.

•Natural Motion Shoes
If you prefer running barefoot then these shoes will be an ideal option for you which allow your muscles and joints in the foot to move naturally. They offer greater flexibility. Natural motion shoes come in various types and some are like gloves wrapping the feet. Some of them are like traditional running shoes with minimum cushioning.

•Trail Shoes
These shoes are custom-made for off-road running. When you are running on wet, rocky or uneven terrains, these shoes will provide durability, stability and traction to your feet. They are leveraged with extra support features to minimize slippage. These shoes are generally highly durable. Some of the trail shoes are custom-made to handle particular conditions like mountains, mud or varied terrain.

•Spikes Shoes
You can choose from track spike or cross country spike shoes. If you have to run through mud, on snow or over grass then, country shoes will provide grip to your feet. Track spikes are further classified into jumping spikes, distance spikes and sprint spikes. All spike shoes barely have any cushioning and are extremely lightweight. The spikes in these shoes can be removed or replaced and comes in various lengths.

You can choose from these running shoes according to your running style and purpose. Choosing the best running shoes for women that are tailor-made for the activity is essential for a better performance and a comfort.


Choosing the perfect pair of running shoes for women is of vital importance for your physical fitness and comfort. Investing on the best running shoes for women is a wise decision than spending money on diagnosis and treatment of an injury. The best running shoes custom-made for women will boost your athletic spirit with ultimate comfort.

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